The Power of Universal Human Truths: Discovering the Slogan of JSON Schema

The Power of Universal Human Truths: Discovering the Slogan of JSON Schema

JSON Schema is a powerful tool for defining the structure and validation rules of JSON data, and we discovered its own slogan by tapping into fundamental human desires. In this article, we explore the journey behind the discovery of the JSON Schema slogan and how it embodies the timeless human aspirations of progress, safety, and belonging.

The Discovery

I was reading through a series of tactics on how to generate ideas in preparation for the JSON Schema summit earlier this year when one stood out to me: Universal Human Truths. It got me thinking... what are the universal human truths that make JSON Schema so pervasive today. (One of my colleagues almost weekly, highlights how they found JSON Schema somewhere they weren't expecting). The tactic card listed eight or so universal human truths, and suggested asking how your "idea" (or in my case, solution), could contribute to that truth. Three of the truths were immediately easy to pin with JSON Schema.

At the core of JSON Schema lies the potential to address universal human truths. It sounds like a grandiose revolation! In an effort to encapsulate these fundamental motivations, a slogan was born: "Build more. Break less. Empower others." Let's unpack the significance of each element and how it resonates with our shared human experiences. We'll also link to some case studies which demonstrate these principles in the real world.

Build More

One of the driving forces within us is the desire to make progress and express ourselves. JSON Schema enables us to do just that. By providing a standardized and language-agnostic framework for defining data structures, JSON Schema empowers developers to create and innovate at an accelerated pace. The JSON Schema ecosystem enables us to build more by reducing the time and effort required for development, allowing us to focus on what truly matters - bringing our ideas to life and making meaningful and impactful contributions to the technology landscape.

(Here are two case studies which showcase "build more"! Tyler Technologies, and Remote)

Break Less

Feeling safe is a fundamental human need. In the realm of technology, safety translates into confidence in our systems, reliability, and robustness. JSON Schema allows you to define expectations upfront, catching errors before they reach critical production environments. By reducing the likelihood of interoperability issues, JSON Schema helps us break less. It creates a safety net, mitigating risks, and minimizing the potential for system failures. With JSON Schema, we can build with confidence, knowing that our applications and systems are built on a solid foundation.

(Find out how Cookpad reduced bad data, and hear how Zones went API first)

Empower Others

Belonging to a group and fostering inclusivity are essential human desires. JSON Schema enables us to create an ecosystem that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and empowerment. By sharing our schemas and leveraging them in various standards, we extend the benefits of our work to others. JSON Schema's language-agnostic format ensures that individuals with diverse skill sets can collaborate seamlessly, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of belonging within the community. It empowers others to leverage our schemas, accelerating their own development journeys, and fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth.

(Discover how JSON Schema broke down barriers at 6 River Systems, and hear how Zapier used JSON Schema to enable scaling with partners).


The journey of JSON Schema goes beyond its technical capabilities. It is a testament to the deep understanding of the universal human truths that drive us all. The discovery of the slogan, "Build more. Break less. Empower others," reflects the core aspirations of progress, safety, and belonging. JSON Schema empowers us to express ourselves, provides a safety net in our technological endeavors, and fosters a sense of community and collaboration. As we continue to embrace the power of JSON Schema, let us remember the timeless human motivations it encompasses and the potential it holds to shape a more innovative, secure, and inclusive technology landscape.

While I haven't done a write up for the Ideas Tactics deck of cards, you can read my thoughts on the Storytelling deck in one of my other articles.

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